In the Fall of 2013 towards the end of the NPC season, I stepped on stage for the first time doing to two back to back shows. Soon, after the second show I started developing pain in both of my legs. Without being advised to reverse diet during the off season by my coach at the time, my body began to break down significantly. Soon enough I was unable to train properly in the gym due to severe joint pain in my legs. I was weak, tired, frustrated and in a lot of pain. Fearing the worst at this point, I went to my doctor and had blood work done, shortly after I was diagnosed with thyroid disease. I grieved for a short while until I had connected with Ben about my health issues.

After talking to Ben on several different occasions about my health issues and learning about his 9 year history within the industry at the time, I wanted Ben to help me regain my health and get me back on stage by the end of the 2014 NPC season, which is exactly what he did.

Through his knowledgeable guidance I began prep with a much healthier approach than I had in the past. And with his strategic 6 month plan for me, and through his continuous motivation, I was able to bring my best package yet!

And now we start the 2015 season, my health is continuously improving and we have already started working toward early season goals and a drastic change for the late season which I look forward to!!
– Lindsey Alberino

I can honestly say, I’ve never met any one with a bigger heart then my coach Ben. When I was down he lifted me up, inspired me, but most of all he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. This trophy is just a symbol to me that hard work pays off, but more so a symbol of the lessons I learned from my friend. Like persistence, trust, and that you can ALWAYS beat your best self if you’re willing to work. I did this to grow as a person and it’s safe to say I definitely did. I got the best teacher. Thank you. – Bianca Taylor

Benny has always given me solid advice. Over the course of 10 years he’s helped me lean up, gain mass, gain strength, increase my endurance, and live an overall healthy lifestyle. His knowledge and passion for fitness is second to none. He’s a true expert in the field. I’m so thankful to have a resource like him for all of my fitness and nutrition questions. – David Farner

The mentality of making a lifestyle change is a monstrous undertaking. One does not simply wake up to find a “new you”. A lifestyle change requires long term commitment, unwavering dedication and most importantly outside support. Your goals whether they are improved strength, losing weight, running a marathon or simply just feeling better require a myriad of items all working together to get the desired final outcome.

Ben Asmann has been my best friend for 30+ years and when my decision to make the largest lifestyle change imaginablethere was no one better to turn to. My name is Luke Poynter and 2 years ago I weighed close to 300lbs and my goal was to weigh less than 200lbs and have body fat in the low double to high single digit range.

Ben with his knowledge of nutrition, supplements and weight training coupled with my determination and drive resulted in a consistent weekly improvement. I hit new personal bests in the squat (405), deadlift (495) and bench (355) while performing HIIT to burn off the excess body fat and trim down.  

No crash diet needed. I ate a balanced healthy set of meals with cheats once or twice a week.

I noticed the changes not only in the mirror and comments made by friends / family, but also in my clothing: Starting pant size 40-42 / Shirt Size XXL, Ending Waste Size 30-32 / Shirt Size L.When all was said and done I stood 6’2” 185lbs and 7-8% body fat a total weight loss of over 120lbs.

For anyone who has a goal and just needs that little push in the right direction to get over the hill and through the finish line; I highly recommend Ben Asmann, a highly knowledgeable personal trainer capable of providing the support and guidance required on the journey to a “new you”. – Luke Poynter

I first met Ben in first grade and after knowing him for over 25 years I can honestly say if you are looking for motivation, diet regiments or show prep, you have come to the right place. He has managed to dominate in everything he has ever done and refuses to give up or lose despite any obstacles in front of him. Killing it in powerlifting,rugby, bodybuilding in multiple classes, wrestling, baseball etc. He excels in everything he does in life and refuses to settle for anything less than perfect! He has personally helped me understand the importance of proper healthy fat intake, amino acids, and different techniques to help put on more size as well as target lower hard to isolate back muscles. He helped guide me on proper supplementation pertaining to what is worth the money and what is not and wayyy to much more to even list. If you’re looking for a new coach I highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed!
– Jeremy Jones

When you think of Ben the last thing that probably comes to mind is Bikini posing, considering he’s 220+ pounds of muscle I don’t blame you. However, when I was preparing for my first NPC bikini competition, Ben Asmann was everything and more I could have hoped for in a posing coach. He would meet me at the gym and put in hours of posing practice, when I was exhausted he would make me run through it a few more times, when I wasn’t hitting my routine to a T he would get up there with me and demonstrate. But, Ben was more than just a posing coach, he truly invested and cared for my overall well being rather than just my stage presence and hitting my poses. He’d take time out of his day to check on me and ensure the diet had not killed my sanity. Thank you so much Ben for not only being my posing coach but for also being a motivator, support system, and friend! – Lacy Akers

Ben, aka big booty Ben, is one of the best posing coaches out there, especially for women doing a bikini show.

If you’re a woman reading this, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “There is no way in this world that a GUY is going to know how a woman is supposed to walk/pose?!?!” And if you’re a guy reading this, you’re probably thinking, “This guy must be gay!” LOL

Welp, the truth is… he is not gay and he does in fact know what he’s talking about! The best thing about Ben’s coaching is that he finds a walk/pose that is NATURAL (key word) to you and then tweaks your routine from there. He always says, “If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.” Instead of giving everyone a similar routine, like some coaches do, Ben makes sure to find something creative and different in every competitor. When working with Ben, he is always dedicated and puts his best foot forward. You can truly see his love for this sport and won’t be disappointed if you work with him! – Ashley Hester

Brace yourselves…I’m about to say something nice about someone! I know, I’m kinda surprised too.

My buddy Ben Asmann is one of the most positive, hardworking, and motivational people I’ve ever met in my life. My outlook on life going into 2015 is probably the best it’s ever been, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the fact that I have him as a friend and supporter has a lot to do with that. He’s been kicking around the idea of starting a new path as a motivational speaker for a while, and he’s finally laying the foundation for it with this here site! Those of you who feel like they could use a little extra push to get out there and crush life should bookmark this ish! I know I’ll be watching it like a hawk. – Michael Brady

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and training with Ben Asmann for over 8 years now. And during that time I’ve never met someone so dedicated, so knowledgeable, and so able to produce incredible results in the people he’s worked with including himself. I recommend Ben as a coach or training partner to any first timer or serious lifter/ bodybuilder looking to compete or just for personal lifestyle change. When working with Ben expect success and a great adventure worth remembering.
Thank you Ben. – Erik Whittaker

I first met Ben in October of 2013 at the NPC Southeastern USA Championship, we were both there supporting people who were competing in the show. We ended up conversing and later found that we had mutual friends etc.. Ben would later become my Mentor and friend.
As a Night shift RN in a Trauma center ER, overtime is plentiful and I all too often had struggled with both my diet and motivation to go to the gym after a busy overnight shift. However, after I started working with Ben I began telling myself “Ben wouldn’t just go home and sleep, I’ll never achieve any of my goals by sleeping all day.”
With that motivation I’d eat my preworkout meal, hit the gym, then carry on and sleep later.
That’s only one example of  how working with Ben has helped me stay on track with my goals. His inspiration and motivation also translate over into everyday life. Making me more focused on personal and professional goals aside from fitness goals.
I plan on continuing to work with Ben, and eventually step on stage and compete myself.
I highly recommend Ben as a coach, mentor, or consultant. He’s very real, down to earth, and easy to work with. It’s an easy choice for myself. Ben every time. – Ray Van Cleaf

I have the pleasure of seeing a lot of bodybuilders at my gym. Great motivation. But they are not always easy to talk to. Some of them can’t be bothered. Which I understand, but it’s nice to talk with people you look up to. And Ben does just that. He goes out of his way to help with tips and advice. He’s helped me with training, dieting, and even on a personal level. When you talk with Ben Asmann, you’re not getting just a coach, you’re building a friendship. When my mind told me no you cannot do any more reps… Ben pushed me past that barrier that we seem to put on ourselves. He’s the kind of guy that can elevate you to the next level. I lifted weights before I met Ben. I lifted as much as possible. After meeting Ben, I train. And you will understand what I mean by that after you work with him… and feel it… Thanks for everything Ben. – Mike Zitch