Please feel free to check out podcasts primarily with Ben Asmann and Alida McDaniel, however there will be various guests at different times. Check back frequently for the latest podcasts!


Alida McDaniel and Ben Asmann discuss letting go of internal stress, things in your past, new visualizations, pilates, childhood, relationships, and improving your life.


If you’re looking for a positive spin in life and don’t know where to turn, consider creating your own MasterMind or group of counsel. In this episode, Alida and Ben discuss their own way of thinking and developing through resistance.



Feel you’re tapped out? Feel you can’t do anything more? Alida and Ben discuss ways to unlock potential and dig deeper than before.



How many positives do you have in your life? Are you keeping the right score? Alida and Ben discuss ways of thinking, and changing mindsets for more productivity and positivity in your daily living.



Alida and Ben discuss unconscious influences, self development, and manually created inspiration.



Alida and Ben discuss setting goals, intentions, and acting on them with purpose.



Alida and Ben introduce their story to the masses, and talk risk taking, endeavors, and life in general.